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Establish your security program, automate your readiness assessment, and complete your SOC 2 audit faster – all from a single platform.


Build, manage, and assess your cybersecurity program to build trust with your customers and unlock sales.

SOC 2 Automated Readiness

Self-service readiness assessment and reporting without auditors.

Create Information Security Policies

Quickly create a policy that meets HIPAA, NIST, and SOC 2 Requirements.

Risk Assessment

Complete and manage a NIST CSF based risk assessment quickly and efficiently.

Vendor Reviews

Manage and assess the security of your vendors on the ByteChek platform.

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Make Compliance
Fast and Easy

The ByteChek platform was built to help organizations of all sizes assess their cybersecurity posture easily and prove compliance faster. Our product features:

  • Full suite of integrations
  • Information security policy generator
  • NIST CSF risk manager and register
  • System description generator
  • Automated & actionable recommendations
  • Real-time chat functionality
  • Complete access reviews, vendor management, annual policy tests & much more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is SOC 2 a Certification?

No. SOC 2 is a reporting framework and an attestation report with a CPA opinion. When people say they are “SOC 2 Compliant” they usually are referring to an “Unqualified” opinion from a CPA.

I need all 5 Trust Services Categories, right?

No. You can select any combination of the 5 trust services categories based on what commitments you are making to customers for your service. Typically security is in every SOC 2, the other 4 are added on as needed based on those commitments and system requirements.

Are controls and testing the only thing that matters in a SOC 2 report?

No. There are four sections of the SOC 2 report, and each is important. Controls and testing are only one of those sections (section 4). Equally important is the system description (section 3), management’s assertion (section 2) about the system, and the auditor’s opinion (section 1) which shows if the report is clean or there are any modifications.

I hear a lot about privacy these days. Should I include privacy in my SOC 2?

It depends. In SOC 2, privacy deals primarily with controls around the information of data subjects. If you are a data processor only, you likely cannot manipulate the PII, therefore the privacy criteria will be mostly N/A for you. If you are a data controller, you more likely have direct impacts on data subject information, and therefore would have privacy in scope.

Free Cybersecurity and Compliance Resources

Blogs, Ebooks, templates, and more to help you understand what the cybersecurity assessment process is all about. We won’t ask for your email, enjoy the information and reach out to us if we can clear anything up.

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