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Make compliance 
suck less.

Build your cybersecurity program, automate evidence collection, and earn your SOC 2 report so you can build trust faster—all from a single platform.

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Trusted by global brands

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A people first approach to compliance

Simply put, when you need your SOC2 compliance, ByteChek saves you time, money and resources. 


Spend your time and money in the right place

Quickly get the answers to the test and streamline your SOC 2 preparedness with the ByteChek automated readiness system. make compliance a value add activity for your company with our persona-based ​approach.

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Customer Success led by security professionals

SOC 2 with the support of security professionals who have been in your shoes running cybersecurity programs and managing enterprise risk.


The only all-in-one compliance solution

The ByteChek platform was built and designed by industry experts that have performed over 500 SOC 2 examinations and built cybersecurity compliance programs from the ground up.

All your compliance needs solved with one platform

A Guided SOC 2 Experience

Ever use a tool that required extensive training and a good understanding of what the next steps are? With the ByteChek platform, our timeline helps walk you through the process. Our tool uses a Persona Based User Experience that offers a different interface depending on the role in your organization


Automated Readiness


Continuous Monitoring

Streamlined Reporting

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No more spreadsheets

The traditional way of earning your compliance certification involved long spreadsheets, screenshots, request for documents and hours spent on the phone with auditors. ByteChek helps you earn compliance reports with one platform, one process and one annual subscription price. 

Build your policy with ease

Ever had to manage tons of policy templates on document drives? It's not ideal. With Bytechek, you can build information security, business continuity & disaster recovery, data classification, incident response, risk management, user access, vendor management and vulnerability management policies directly in ByteChek.


Learn about our frameworks


SOC 2 is a framework that has become a standard for demonstrating security controls to protect customers data. This is a necessity for fast-growth companies



HIPAA Compliance software to help you prove your company is securing protected health information (PHI) and build trust with healthcare companies.

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ISO 27001

Information security management system (ISMS) software to help you build your ISO compliant cybersecurity program and earn your ISO 27001 certification.

Tons of other ByteChek Features

Connect your applications for continuous monitoring


Full suite of integrations


Automated & actionable recommendations​


Complete annual control activities​


Information Security Policies


Assess your vendors​


Risk Manager and register


ByteChek integrates with GitHub to continuously evaluate whether changes deployed to your application were documented, tested, reviewed, and approved - automatically.


ByteChek continuously monitors your cloud environment and automatically collects evidence directly from your AWS environment.


ByteChek collects security-related bug and issue details directly from your cloud hosted JIRA instance - automatically.


At ByteChek, before we send an email, we ask ourselves "Could that be a Slack message?" - our integration with Slack ensures you don't get buried in compliance emails.


ByteChek leverages BambooHR's open API to collect onboarding and offboarding details directly from the source of truth.


ByteChek continuously monitors your cloud environment and automatically collects evidence directly from your Azure subscription(s).

Trust is earned,
What our customers say

We take pride in putting the customer first. Hear from some of the experiences our customers are having on the ByteChek platform.


Justin Roux

Chief Operating Officer @ Cireson

“We definitely needed some guidance. We were looking for a product that would help us to stay organized, we were looking for a team that would hold our hands through the process as well as, coach us and, guide us.”


Abou Jalloh

Compliance Coordinator @ DRMP

"One of the biggest things we like about the ByteChek platform is the fact that you don't have to be a cybersecurity expert for you to understand what you are doing."


Heath Renfrow

CISO @ Conversant Group

"If I had to pick my most favorite stage in the process it was the pre-assessment stage. And then we got a really great report at the end of that. We were able to move through the whole process much quicker and much less expensive than their competitors"

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