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ByteChek for CPAs

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The all-in-one compliance solution

Looking to strengthen your SOC & IT practices and build a faster, more efficient process? Bytechek is the only platform built for both the client and CPAs.

Enhance your practice.

As a trusted advisor, CPAs provide immense value to their clients and play a vital role in the audit process. The traditional way of doing SOC and other IT audits is expensive and time-consuming. Automation and the tools that facilitate automation are the keys to success.

Save the headache

The days of spreadsheets, screenshots, and building policies from scratch are over.

Prior to starting ByteChek, our Founder and CEO AJ Yawn, worked at one of the largest cybersecurity compliance consulting firms in the country. While there, he helped lead a team that performed over 500 SOC 2 examinations.


During that time, he observed all of the challenges businesses faced while going through an audit. Our platform reflects that experience with a seamless process from readiness to report.

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Get the answers to the test

Your team will quickly identify control gaps, receive automatic mitigation strategies and accelerate your path to compliance - all without auditors or unnecessary meetings.

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Building a policy with ease

Stop the endless search for information security policies. Quickly access core policies that are needed to meet SOC 2 requirements. These policies can also be easily added to your audit package when you're ready.

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We know compliance.


ByteChek has become the first cybersecurity and IT audit-focused company to be selected for the AICPA/ Startup Accelerator program since its inception in 2017. Yes, the very AICPA that developed the SOC 2 compliance standard.

Need more reasons?

Here are some common reasons our customers turn to ByteChek for their SOC2


Close deals faster

By earning a SOC 2 Type 1, customers can quickly enable sales and unlock new business. SOC 2 is the de facto standard for B2B companies to build trust with prospective customers and other third parties.


Display trust and credibility

Upon completion of your SOC 2 Type 1, you can put the AICPA SOC logo on your website for marketing and sales purposes. This logo formally establishes that you have earned a SOC 2 by a third-party and signifies to potential customers that you take security seriously.


SOC 2 in half the time

You’re growing fast and speed is all you know – why should your SOC 2 report be any different? Get the answers to the test through an automated readiness and earning a SOC 2 Type 1 in less than a month.

A subscription with the report


When using multiple providers for SOC 2 and HIPAA, it predictably feels like you’re going through two audits. ByteChek helps you earn compliance reports with one vendor, one process and one annual subscription price.


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Did you know?

Here are some common reasons our customers turn to ByteChek for their SOC2

of Customers have closed deals after obtaining their SOC 2 Compliance


Customers have earned their SOC 2 Type 1 in less than 6 weeks.


B2B companies say compliance is a material barrier to enter new markets.

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AJ has over a decade of cybersecurity experience including 6 years as a US Army communications and cyber officer. AJ earned the rank of Captain before joining a national cybersecurity firm where he led a SOC 2, ISO and Healthcare practice.

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Shonda is a CPA and experienced audit professional with over a decade of experience including 7+ years at PWC. Shonda is the Partner and CEO of ByteChek Assurance, an independently owned CPA firm that issues SOC 1 and SOC 2 reports.

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Terra has over a decade of experience throughout security from engineering to compliance. Through her work in the federal government and across the private sector, including, EY, she holds a deep passion and knowledge of audit principles. Terra leads ByteChek's GRC Engineers as Director of Compliance.

A people first approach with industry experts 

Other companies created their platforms as a sales opportunity. We live and breath compliance and truly care about our customers.

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Our customers tell their story


Justin Roux

Chief Operating Officer @ Cireson

“We definitely needed some guidance. We were looking for a product that would help us to stay organized, we were looking for a team that would hold our hands through the process as well as, coach us and, guide us.”


Abou Jalloh

Compliance Coordinator @ DRMP

"One of the biggest things we like about the ByteChek platform is the fact that you don't have to be a cybersecurity expert for you to understand what you are doing."


Heath Renfrow

CISO @ Conversant Group

"If I had to pick my most favorite stage in the process it was the pre-assessment stage. And then we got a really great report at the end of that. We were able to move through the whole process much quicker and much less expensive than their competitors"

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