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The SOC 2 Report 

Share your SOC 2 Report Dashboard with customers, clients, partners, and individuals all with the click of a button.

Easy and Secure.

Building features our customers love

Our Dashboard helps eliminate the daunting task of emailing SOC 2 reports and answering security questions after earning your SOC 2. Accelerate the review process with an easy to read dashboard that highlights all the important SOC 2 details.

Introducing -

SOC 2 Report Sharing Explained

Hear from a compliance expert how this feature will save you time and money.


SOC 2: Pass or Fail?

The SOC 2 Opinion is the overall pass or fail of the report. Display the opinion and and provide additional details about what the opinion means directly from the dashboard.


Quickly share your SOC 2 report and dashboard

Save time by sharing your SOC 2 report with prospects efficiently. Report viewers will log in with multi factor authentication for additional security and access control.

SOC 2 Report Dashboard

Benefits and Features

Here are some other great reasons why this feature is a game-changer for companies of all sizes.


A Better User Experience

Creating a better user interface through tons of feedback, user-testing, and real-world use, our platform saves you time and resources.


Search SOC 2 Controls

Quickly discover if the SOC 2 report includes security controls you care about without flipping through hundreds of pages using the ByteChek dashboard.

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Secure Access

Quickly share your SOC 2 report with customers accelerating the sales process. Revoke access when customers no longer need to read the report.

Dozens of start-ups and businesses choose Bytechek

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