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How much time and effort does ByteChek save?

Written by: Mr. ByteChek
Updated over a 2 months ago
We’ve performed hundreds of SOC 2 examinations. This experience helped us identify about 60 common controls that our platform helps automate and streamline. To put that number into context, we’ve found that a SOC 2 Examination that includes Security, Availability & Confidentiality in-scope has around 60 controls (this number is an average, your total number of controls will vary). So ByteChek (on average) helps save you time and effort on about 85% of your controls.

ByteChek's platform helps companies of all sizes establish security programs, automate cybersecurity readiness assessments, and complete cyber security assessments faster – all from a single platform.

With ByteChek, companies can quickly build their information security policy from the ground up utilizing the ByteChek information security policy generator. The ByteChek platform then connects with the applications companies use every day to eliminate evidence collection and vague auditor requests.