• Mr. ByteChek

ByteChek Adds SOC for Supply Chain to its Compliance Automation Platform

ByteChek, the only all-in-one compliance automation company, today announced the industry’s first-ever SOC for Supply Chain automated compliance offering. The launch enables supply chain SaaS companies to communicate how they are managing supply chain risks and earn the industry’s only compliance report focused on the supply chain industry.

Supply chain and logistics are rapidly growing and Bessemer Venture Partners says it is a nearly $10 trillion market representing more than 10% of the global GDP today. Over the last two years, we’ve witnessed massive shocks to global supply chains and the recent Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains has made supply chain resilience a top priority for all large companies in this industry. The innovation in this industry has been inspiring but before today it’s been challenging for supply chain SaaS companies to communicate how they are mitigating risks facing producers, manufacturers, and distributors.

ByteChek’s automated readiness process, continuous control monitoring, evidence collection, and a full suite of compliance management services all help power SOC for Supply Chain examinations. ByteChek’s the only cybersecurity compliance automation company ever selected for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) startup accelerator program and continues to stay at the forefront of innovating how AICPA SOC reports are completed.

The AICPA noticed the growth in the supply chain market and developed a new Supply Chain Risk Management Reporting Framework. This new framework, SOC for Supply Chain, was designed to provide supply chain risk readiness and for companies to communicate information about their manufacturing, production, or distribution system and the effectiveness of controls that mitigate supply chain risks.

“At ByteChek, we are committed to innovating based on customer feedback and our decades of security and compliance expertise,” said AJ Yawn, ByteChek Founder, and CEO. “Adding SOC for Supply Chain to the ByteChek platform provides supply chain SaaS companies a better way to communicate how they are specifically managing supply chain risk to customers and prospective partners. We’re excited to launch the industry’s only SOC for Supply Chain offering to serve this rapidly growing vertical.”