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ByteChek and VISO Trust form a strategic partnership in the Cybersecurity space

ByteChek, the all-in-one compliance automation company that simplifies cybersecurity compliance for companies of all sizes, today announced a strategic partnership with VISO Trust, a third-party cyber risk management platform that leverages document heuristics, machine learning, and natural language processing to discover, classify, and assess relevant control language in artifacts that third parties already have, freeing risk and security teams from manual and mundane tasks like reading documents and analyzing spreadsheets.

“Security is a team sport. We partner with innovative companies that are disrupting legacy security processes like we are at ByteChek,” said ByteChek Founder and CEO AJ Yawn. “VISO Trust’s AI-powered security due diligence platform helps our high-growth customers automate a time-consuming process and build an intelligent third-party risk program.”

VISO Trust was co-founded by former CISO Paul Valente (CEO) and veteran security and technology leader Russell Sherman (CTO). Both have lived on each side of this problem, having previously managed thousands of third parties at highly regulated technology companies including LendingClub, Varo Money, and ASAPP. Together, they have spent years building security programs and software to support technology products in use by the Fortune 1000.

“ByteChek is the perfect partner for us,” said VISO Trust CEO and co-founder, Paul Valente. “Similar to our leadership team, the ByteChek leadership team is led by security professionals who experienced the compliance problem first hand and they’ve brought that experience and expertise to their automated compliance platform. We’re excited to partner with a company with a similar security-first mindset. ”

This partnership brings together two companies that are using innovative technology to eliminate the “check-the-box” mindset from security compliance and third-party risk management. ByteChek’s automated compliance platform accelerates companies' journey to earning SOC 2 and other cybersecurity compliance reports. VISO Trust’s AI-powered security due diligence platform automates the process of compiling third-party cyber risk data using document heuristics, natural language processing, and machine learning. In the next few weeks, ByteChek and VISO Trust will be launching a webinar to talk about what the partnership means for new and existing customers.

About ByteChek

The ByteChek (bytechek.com) platform helps organizations of all sizes assess their cybersecurity posture efficiently and prove compliance faster. ByteChek enables companies to establish their security program, automate their readiness assessment, and complete their SOC 2 and other cybersecurity audits faster – all from a single platform.

About VISO Trust

VISO Trust (visotrust.com) delivers continuous automated cyber due diligence for the modern enterprise organization. By leveraging social due diligence and curated artificial intelligence, VISO Trust delivers the timely, accurate information needed to make good risk decisions at the speed of business. As the industry's first AI-based third-party cyber due diligence platform, VISO Trust has scaled rapidly to a broad set of customers, ranging from hyper-growth tech companies to Fortune 500 enterprises across consumer-facing, highly-regulated industries like banking, automotive, and retail.