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Why Choose ByteChek Over Vanta?

Updated: May 31

Bytechek vs Vanta: What's the difference?

ByteChek Offers Greater Value and Transparency than Vanta Without the Misleading Audit Partner Network and Hidden Costs

Choose the only all-in-one solution.

ByteChek’s all-in-one compliance solution and expert audit customer service are unmatched. B2B companies choose ByteChek for their SOC 2 audit because:

  • ByteChek offers a transparent process from readiness to report

  • ByteChek ensures you achieve SOC 2 faster

  • ByteChek’s simplified SOC 2 pricing and processes

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Why ByteChek?

ByteChek offers a transparent process from readiness to report 📝

Software solutions that automate cybersecurity audits can make the task seem overwhelming and confusing, especially when there is a disconnect between the auditor and the software. Transparency can be a challenge in these situations.

ByteChek’s approach begins and ends with transparency. 🖼

ByteChek’s automated readiness assessment helps you quickly identify key control gaps as you prepare for SOC 2. The results of your readiness are displayed on our intuitive dashboard where you, your team, and your ByteChek Assurance audit team can collaborate.

The auditing status of your controls will be updated on your ByteChek control dashboard so you can keep track of your progress. You don't have to wait weeks to figure out how you're doing.

Lastly, the ByteChek reporting dashboard offers a level of transparency that Vanta cannot provide. Monitor the progress of your SOC 2 report from draft report to final issuance - completing required AICPA questionnaires and documents as you earn your SOC 2.

Information sharing and transparency are big drawbacks for Vanta customers.

Their audit partners force Vanta customers to duplicate work and take evidence from Vanta to their internal platforms. The audit partners don’t use the Vanta platform so the automation and other features are not utilized when it comes to the audit.

The Vanta platform doesn’t offer the ability for auditors to facilitate a readiness assessment, generate SOC 2 reporting artifacts, or complete audit testing on the platform.

This results in your SOC 2 process being 4x longer than ByteChek customers and a disjointed process that is disruptive to your team.

ByteChek ensures you achieve SOC 2 reports faster ⚡️

A SOC 2 report is about security and building trust between two companies. This is the core of why we exist at ByteChek, to help companies earn SOC 2 reports faster and demonstrate security to potential customers.

It’s not about checking the box, it’s about growing your business. 📈

Companies choose ByteChek because they get to earn SOC 2 reports that aren’t cookie-cutter reports. Our SOC 2 solution ensures that your report is unique and offers specific controls that relate to your cloud environment. Cybersecurity is a sales differentiator but you can’t demonstrate your security competitive advantages with a report that looks like every other report in the market.

Along with a SOC 2 report, ByteChek customers earn their SOC 2 reports over 4 weeks or 50% faster than Vanta customers. The additional speed and security are made possible by the industry's only automated testing engine - the ByteChek engine. The ByteChek engine is an automated testing engine that continually assesses your control environment and accelerates your SOC 2 journey.

With Vanta, you’ll earn a check the box audit that takes twice the amount of time and effort. 👎🏽

Vanta’s auditor partner network increases complexity and reduces the effectiveness of its complex and hard-to-use SaaS solution. Their auditors are not comfortable with the evidence produced by the Vanta product resulting in duplicative work for you and your team. You’ll still be required to grab screenshots, answer auditor questions and spend hours on Zoom calls clarifying the results displayed in your Vanta instance.

Vanta sends hundreds of customers to their audit partners each year which results in a SOC 2 report mill for these firms. These reports produced by these auditors are cookie-cutter and check-the-box exercises because they are playing a numbers game. Vanta customers are earning cookie-cutter reports that don’t leverage the automation and benefits promised by Vanta.

ByteChek’s simplified SOC 2 pricing and processes ⚙️

Audits are complex and filled with fear, uncertainty, and doubt. You need a transparent and simple pricing structure and process to help you quickly earn your SOC 2 to build trust and unlock sales.

ByteChek simplified the SOC 2 pricing and process.

Our goal is to make compliance suck less. One part of SOC 2 that has traditionally sucked is the way SOC 2 reports are priced. ByteChek eliminated the complexity with the industry’s only subscription-based SOC 2 audit pricing.

The simplified pricing is a result of the simplified SOC 2 process provided by ByteChek. As soon as you sign up for the ByteChek platform, you are now using the last governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tool you’ll ever need. Your SOC 2 journey begins and ends on the ByteChek platform.

This simplified model is the result of our all-in-one solution which includes ByteChek Assurance. ByteChek Assurance is a fully licensed, independent, accredited CPA firm that helps organizations examine and report on controls. By working with ByteChek and ByteChek Assurance, you eliminate the need for multiple providers to earn your SOC 2.

Don’t settle for “this is the way we’ve always done it” in cybersecurity compliance. 🔒

We understand we are disrupting the cybersecurity compliance industry. It’s why we started ByteChek. We didn’t set out to establish the same company and model as Vanta. Companies like yours were forced to earn SOC 2’s in a traditional manner that is disguised as automated.

Auditor partners that don’t care about your success, the Vanta product, or help you improve the security of your control environment is not disrupted. It’s going backward and worse than the traditional pure manual process. At least in the pure manual CPA process, you aren’t tricked into believing that there is an automated process.

Companies choose ByteChek because we’ve simplified the SOC 2 process from start to finish.

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