Announcing, our newest feature: The SOC 2 Report Dashboard

ByteChek is excited to announce the launch of the most requested feature from our customers: The SOC 2 Report Dashboard

More often than not, customers that achieve their SOC 2 Type 1 or Type 2 are asked and are required to share their reports with potential new customers, clients, partners, and many others. Sharing the report typically involves multiple emails with prospects that are curious about the security customers have in place.

This long back and forth can sometimes cause deals to be lost. Once the prospects or other interested third parties receive the report they don’t always know where the important details are and ask follow-up questions. This process can be tedious – sifting through a long PDF report to find the important security details they care about and forcing you to answer questions that are outlined in your SOC 2. Those days are long gone with the ByteChek platform SOC 2 Report Dashboard.

Our Dashboard helps eliminate the daunting task of searching through audit documentation and accelerates the review process for all parties involved highlighting the most relevant information quickly in addition to providing deep-dive capabilities, secure sharing, and access control.

Our New SOC 2 Report Dashboard Benefits & Features:

🔐✅🚫 SOC 2: Pass or Fail?

The SOC 2 Opinion is the overall pass or fail of the report. Display the opinion and and provide additional details about what the opinion means directly from the dashboard.


✉️📄 Quickly share your SOC 2 report and dashboard

Save time by sharing your SOC 2 report with prospects efficiently. Report viewers will log in with multi factor authentication for additional security and access control.


🔍 Search SOC 2 Controls

Quickly discover if the SOC 2 report includes security controls you care about without flipping through hundreds of pages using the ByteChek dashboard.


🔒 Secure Access

Quickly share your SOC 2 report with customers accelerating the sales process. Revoke access when customers no longer need to read the report.


Be sure to watch the full walk-through here

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