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SOC 2 Expedited Readiness Assessment

The ByteChek approach results in a compliance roadmap that outlines technical implementation guidance for each control activity, policy and procedure templates, and advisory services from our cloud security experts. Our process begins with you answering the below control questionnaires to better understand your control environment and provide preliminary recommendations.

man climbing mountain to cybersecurity illustration

Here’s How It Works…

  • Complete each questionnaire below to the best of your knowledge.

  • Based on your responses, we will develop preliminary recommendations for controls not in place and an initial evidence request list for controls you identify as being in place.

  • During our follow up remote control discussions, the ByteChek team will clarify any answers, provide guidance on control remediation and observe potential evidence for your SOC 2 Type 1 examination.

Few Tips

  • Each questionnaire must be completed once you get started as there is no save function.

  • Feel free to farm this out to other individuals in your organization that may be better suited to answer these questions.

  • If you (or someone else in your organization) do not know the answer to a particular question, feel free to skip. We utilize this information to develop your initial evidence request list and preliminary control recommendations. Of course, the more information we get now-the better.

  • We are here to help! Send us a message on Slack if you are stuck on a particular question!

Enough auditor talk, let’s dive into your control environment!

Wondering what topics are covered in each questionnaire? Check out our Quick Reference Guide