SOC 2 Simplified

Go from readiness to report on one platform.

Establish your security program, automate your readiness assessment, and complete your SOC 2 audit faster – all from a single platform.

Type 1 and Type 2 Subscriptions that include your SOC 2 report:

– $1,900/month (Plus – Type 1)

– $3,000/month (Pro – Type 1 and Type 2)

Automate your SOC 2 readiness process with intuitive questionnaires, automatic mitigation strategies and best practice recommendations. Build your SOC 2 program with information security policy templates, risk assessments, vendor reviews, and more. Automate evidence collection and receive immediate testing with the ByteChek Engine. Track your progress from readiness to report.

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The entire SOC 2 process from readiness to report - all on one platform.

Compliance is tough enough for security professionals. Either you’re juggling multiple vendors to complete SOC 2 or you’re stuck with an old school professional services firm that doesn’t understand your technology. This results in a disconnected process, check-the-box audit and wasted time trying to prove compliance. There is a better way.

With ByteChek, your entire SOC 2 compliance journey is completed on one easy-to-use, powerful platform. You’ll save valuable time and earn a SOC 2 report that demonstrates your security strengths to help you build trust and unlock sales.

Your All-In-One SOC 2 Solution

Get the answers to the test - without auditors.

Automated audit testing with the proprietary ByteChek Engine.

Your ByteChek subscription includes your SOC 2 report.

Get the answers to the test - without auditors.

Automated audit testing with the proprietary ByteChek Engine.

Your ByteChek subscription includes your SOC 2 report.

Keep pushing forward. We've got your back.

Award Winning Support

ByteChek's customer support team is ready to help you 24/7 with all your compliance and technical questions. We can be reached by email or live chat.


You can connect all your tools to ByteChek and unlock even more features that help you make compliance suck less.


From blog articles, to online webinars to comprehensive product documentation to whitepapers. ByteChek offers no shortage of free educational content to help your whole team become compliance experts.

All in one pricing that makes sense

No hidden fees, the only SOC 2 subscription service that includes the SOC 2 report.


15K/yr, includes Type 1 report.

Popular features
  • Automated Readiness
  • Full suite of integrations
  • Vendor management
  • Live chat
  • ByteChek Engine Testing
  • Policy Creation for multiple frameworks
  • SOC 2 Reporting Dashboard
  • CSA STAR Level 1 Form
  • SOC 2 Type 1 Report


25K/yr, includes Type 1 & Type 2 report.

Popular features
  • Everything in Plus
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Report
  • NIST Risk Assessment Dashboard
  • NIST Risk Assessment Report
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Dashboard
  • HIPAA Risk Assessment Report
  • On Demand compliance advisory support
  • SOC 1 Control Dashboard
  • SOC 2 Section 5 Mapping


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Popular features
  • Everything in Pro
  • Additional reporting services
  • SOC 2 Deep Dive Training
  • Multiple business unit support
  • Custom Vendor Security Questionnaires
  • Compliance Report Sharing
  • Custom ByteChek Platform Training
  • Build your ISMS
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our self-service on boarding process allows you to build, manage, and assess the readiness of your cybersecurity program in less than an hour. The process is designed to be self-service but that doesn't mean we leave you alone. Your subscription includes a dedicated ByteChek team member to assist you in getting started on the platform. You can expect to complete this onboarding session in less than an hour.

In short, they’re OK with it. The industry calls this relationship “the use of an IT specialist.” Formal language states that “The auditor should evaluate whether the auditor’s specialist has the necessary competence, capabilities, and objectivity for the auditor’s purposes. In the case of an auditor’s external specialist, the evaluation of objectivity should include inquiry regarding interests and relationships that may create a threat to the objectivity of the auditor’s specialist. (AU-C 620.09).”

We’ve performed hundreds of SOC 2 examinations. This experience helped us identify about 60 common controls that our platform helps automate and streamline. To put that number into context, we’ve found that a SOC 2 Examination that includes Security, Availability & Confidentiality in-scope has around 60 controls (this number is an average, your total number of controls will vary). So ByteChek (on average) helps save you time and effort on about 85% of your controls.

Yes. The most savings (for both dollars and time) will come by combining the testing efforts. Many framework criteria overlap (such as logical access), therefore if you test logical access once, you can meet the requirements of different frameworks. For reporting, you can use your SOC 2 report as the basis, but can add on the reporting to other frameworks in an unaudited section 5 mapping (most common), or by doing a SOC 2+ report, which combines the criteria of SOC 2 and the other framework in a single opinion (less common due to increased level of effort).