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More than Software

Did you know that ByteChek is more than just software? ByteChek Pro provides the missing link between the CPA and the service organization during the compliance assessment process.

Let our team of experienced auditors facilitate and manage your entire compliance process. Focus on growing your business, and we will take care of your compliance needs. ByteChek Pro saves your business even more time and money by providing experts that interact directly with your auditors!

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Accelerate your path to SOC 2 Type 2

With ByteChek Pro you will receive guidance, advice, and quality reporting from a team that includes a co-author of the AICPA SOC 2 Guide. Your auditors will receive a complete package of evidence, reporting artifacts, and peer review checklists to streamline and accelerate your SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 examinations. Reduce your time spent with auditors by leveraging the 30+ years of ByteChek audit experience.

We don’t believe quality services should be expensive

Our transparent pricing model reflects our beliefs

  • Silver (Platform + Readiness) $700/Month
  • Gold (Platform + Readiness + Type 1 Managed Services) $900/Month
  • Platinum (Platform + Readiness, Type 1 and Type 2 Managed Services) $1250/Month

We don’t believe quality
services should be expensive

Our transparent pricing model reflects our beliefs

⊚ Silver

$700 / Month


⊚ Gold

$900 / Month

Readiness + Type 1

⊚ Platinum

$1250 / Month

Readiness + Type 1 + Type 2

Frequently Asked Questions

I see ByteChek integrates with AWS, I’m hosted on GCP (or Azure), can I use the ByteChek platform?

Absolutely! Cybersecurity assessments (especially SOC 2) go well beyond your cloud configurations. The ByteChek platform helps streamline the governance, human resources, change management, risk mitigation, and additional sections of your assessment. Our team of cloud security experts is prepared to help you secure and build compliant cloud environments. The ByteChek platform now supports all three major cloud platforms and we are continuing to refine and improve our testing capabilities on each cloud platform to automate testing in your cloud environment.

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What does the industry say about CPA firms working with SaaS platforms like ByteChek?

In short, they’re OK with it. The industry calls this relationship “the use of an IT specialist.” Formal language states that “The auditor should evaluate whether the auditor’s specialist has the necessary competence, capabilities, and objectivity for the auditor’s purposes. In the case of an auditor’s external specialist, the evaluation of objectivity should include inquiry regarding interests and relationships that may create a threat to the objectivity of the auditor’s specialist. (AU-C 620.09).”

Watch this video to learn more!

What if I only use some of the integrated applications or if I use a different application not listed?

That’s fine. Within the ByteChek SaaS Assessment Platform, you can upload evidence directly to each control. You can still benefit from the centralized management of your cybersecurity compliance program on the ByteChek platform. Your auditors will still benefit from a streamlined testing and reporting process.

We are relentlessly building new integrations – including Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Gusto & more. If you are using an application that we should add to our roadmap, let us know here.

How long will it take to get started on the ByteChek platform?

Our self-service onboarding process allows you to build, manage, and assess the readiness of your cybersecurity program in less than an hour. The process is designed to be self-service but that doesn’t mean we leave you alone. Your subscription includes a dedicated ByteChek team member to assist you in getting started on the platform. You can expect to complete this onboarding session in less than an hour.

Watch this video to learn more!