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More than just Software

Our team of experienced auditors facilitates and manages your entire compliance process. Focus on growing your business and we will take care of your compliance needs. Our team interacts directly with your auditors to save you time and money.

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Accelerate your path to SOC 2 Type 2

Receive guidance, advice, and quality reporting from a team that includes a co-author of the AICPA SOC 2 Guide. Your auditors will receive a complete package of evidence, reporting artifacts, and peer review checklists to streamline and accelerate your SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 examinations. Reduce your time spent with auditors by leveraging the 30+ years of ByteChek audit experience.

We don’t believe quality services should be expensive

Our transparent pricing model for managed services reflects our beliefs.

  • Standard (Platform + Readiness) $700/Month
  • Pro (Platform + Readiness + Type 1 Managed Services) $900/Month
  • Plus (Platform + Readiness, Type 1 and Type 2 Managed Services) $1250/Month

We don’t believe quality
services should be expensive

Our transparent pricing model for managed services reflects our beliefs.

⊚ Standard

$700 / Month


⊚ Pro

$900 / Month

Readiness + Type 1

⊚ Plus

$1250 / Month

Readiness, Type 1 and Type 2

Frequently Asked Questions

I read that the most important part of SOC 2 is the pre-audit phase, is that true?

Don’t get us wrong. Pre-audit is important. But collecting evidence and remediating gaps is just the beginning. The reporting process with your independent CPA firm is just as important – possibly more important. Our experience in this industry taught us how important reporting is, which is why our affiliate and independently owned CPA firm, ByteChek Assurance exists. The ByteChek Assurance team can perform your SOC 2 examination seamlessly and efficiently utilizing the ByteChek SaaS Assessment platform eliminating the back and forth with auditors that don’t understand the compliance automation tool you’re using.

What does the industry say about CPA firms working with SaaS platforms like ByteChek?

In short, they’re OK with it. The industry calls this relationship “the use of an IT specialist.” Formal language states that “The auditor should evaluate whether the auditor’s specialist has the necessary competence, capabilities, and objectivity for the auditor’s purposes. In the case of an auditor’s external specialist, the evaluation of objectivity should include inquiry regarding interests and relationships that may create a threat to the objectivity of the auditor’s specialist. (AU-C 620.09).”

I love the ByteChek platform, but ByteChek Assurance isn’t my preferred CPA firm, can I use someone else?

Of course. You can and should choose the CPA firm you want to work with and are comfortable with.

If I use ByteChek Assurance, am I guaranteed a “clean” report?

No, we guarantee we will perform our examination in accordance with AICPA standards and report on any deviations identified.