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A Different Kind of Automation

Through our unique integrations, ByteChek truly creates an automated experience when working toward SOC 2. With our thorough SOC 2 experience, we understand the outputs and what your SOC 2 report ultimately has to achieve. Combining these two factors, we created a smooth platform that integrates with the tools you use, while understanding the story the data needs to tell in order to give you a complete and quality report.


Generate robust SOC 2 and HIPAA-based information security policies using the intuitive ByteChek policy generator. One of the most difficult aspects of building a cybersecurity program from scratch is creating policies. Our information security policy generator is built into our platform, ready for your employees to review and acknowledge directly on the platform.

man climbing mountain to cybersecurity illustration

The ByteChek Engine

We took our 30+ years of audit and cybersecurity experience and built a proprietary automated testing engine that facilitates the ByteChek platform automated readiness assessments and streamlined SOC 2 reporting process. The ByteChek engine automatically assesses your technical and operational controls against AICPA and industry respected sampling methodologies. No more guessing whether your controls will meet sampling requirements or the scrutiny of third-party auditors.

Connect ByteChek to your applications in seconds

Our engineering-driven integrations were designed for quick and easy implementation that produces accurate reporting information. Our automated SOC 2 evidence collection helps to eliminate screenshots and auditor requests that don’t make sense.